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Sardar Patel was one of the greatest leaders of all times, who brought together 565 princely states to create Modern India. He is emblematic of national unity, development at the grassroots level and good governance. In due course of time, we have forgotten the very ideals he dedicated his life for. Many across the country have not heard of him or know the importance of his contribution to the country. Write for Unity is an essay and slogan writing competition which aims to spread Sardar Patel's core values of unity (ekta) and good governance (suraaj) to students across India. Write for Unity is an initiative to encourage and involve all Indians in a large nation unifying activity.  It is only though this initiative that the movement will touch the future generations of this country. His actions are relevant even today and his ideals are essential for a better tomorrow.

The essay competition is an opportunity for today's generation to better understand Sardar Patel's ideals. Through this competition young India will get a chance to know and cherish the history of independent India. The competition aims at emphasizing Sardar's contribution in building Ek Bharat and the need to work together now in creating a Shreshtha Bharat amongst the youth.

Sardar Patel's strides towards unifying India and striving for grassroots development are renowned but Sardar's belief in the education system and the need to empower students and teachers is an aspect that is not highlighted. He was the first chairman and founder of the EMHS (Edward Memorial High School) Borsad which is presently known as "Jhaverbhai Dajibhai Patel High School". During the days of imperial India, he was the only freedom fighter who fought for teacher empowerment and fair treatment of schools. With this in mind, Write for Unity was initiated as a means to educate and empower students.

With Write for Unity, we intend to reach out to more than 1.5 Lakh secondary and senior secondary schools in urban and rural centers and over 50 lakh students. The initiative aims to incorporate young India into the Statue of Unity movement by providing a tangible platform to express their views on Sardar Patel and the future of India. The online version of Write for Unity gives all Indians a chance to be a part of this initiative even if they aren't school students. The movement is a national attempt to pay rich tribute to the great leader by uniting 1.2 billion Indians.

Structure of the Competition

Write for Unity is a national level competition which will recognize winning secondary and senior secondary schools across the country. Write for Unity aims to reach out to more than 1.5 Lakh Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools. School kits will be sent to schools in rural and urban centers across India to assist in conducting the competition.

Within the structure, the competition will be divided into two categories:

Format for Junior section (6th to 8th):

  • Slogan (25 words)
  • Essay (100 - 150 words)

Topics for junior section:
a) "Ek Bharat – Unity in diversity"
b) "India First – Country before self"
c) "Sardar Patel's contribution to Modern India"

Format for Senior section (9th to 12th):

  • Slogan (25 words)
  • Essay (200-250 words)

Topics for senior section:
a) "Ek Bharat – Unity in diversity"
b) "India First – Country before self"
c) "Sardar Patel's contribution to Modern India"
d) "Good governance – The need of the hour"

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Online Write for Unity

The e version of Write for Unity is an attempt to know what the people of the country think about Unity in today’s context. This is an additional contest being held for 4 days starting on 9th February, 2014 . It endeavors to integrate the internet masses in an attempt to pay a befitting tribute to Sardar Patel, the great Indian leader and national unifier.

One lucky winner will be awarded an ipad mini and 4 motorola G phones and 10 Flipkart gift vouchers are also up for grabs!!

Multiple tweets WILL be counted as multiple entries!

District wise lists of Schools

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